About Our Clinical Trials


MedVadis Research conducts clinical trials year round. Each study is unique with a specific set of parameters, including length of study, type of medication, and volunteer requirements.

We find volunteers through our extensive database and other recruitment strategies. MedVadis Research maintains an active relationship with volunteers throughout the clinical trial process to ensure compliance. Volunteers are encouraged to write daily diary entries, attend regular office visits, and have frequent telephone check-ins with staff, among other activities. Each volunteer’s progression is thoroughly documented, which enables the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reconstruct any study in case of an inspection. Our thorough procedures mitigate a placebo response in the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies we conduct.

Currently we are working on treating migraine and chronic pain with monoclonal antibodies against calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) and nerve growth factor (NGF), respectively.

Our studies are ongoing and we encourage interested volunteers to inquire.


Q.  Do volunteers get paid?

A.  Volunteers who participate in our clinical trials are compensated for their time and travel, usually $75 per office visit.

Q.  How long do the clinical trials last?

A.  It depends on the specifics of the clinical trial but most studies last three months to one year.

Q.  Do I have to stay in the facility overnight?

A.  No, we do not conduct overnight studies. Our trials do, however, require office visits, usually on a monthly basis.

Q.  Can I go about my daily life while participating in a clinical trial?

A.  Yes, we encourage volunteers to maintain their typical routine and even to continue taking any medications as prescribed and/or vitamins, if they happen to take any.

Q.  Is participating in a clinical trial dangerous?

A.  We do not conduct clinical trials that are potentially dangerous. However, the medications we test are investigational and their impact on the body is never fully known.

Q.  Why should I participate?

A.  People participate for a variety of reasons, which we respect and appreciate. Ideally, we want volunteers to participate because they’d like to help advance science and bring new treatments to market.

Q.  I have never suffered from headaches, migraine, or chronic pain.  Can I participate in one of your clinical trials?

A.  We periodically conduct studies on other conditions, and with healthy volunteers. Feel free to give us a call anytime to inquire.

Q.  Generally speaking, I have suffered from headaches, migraine, or chronic pain in my life, but haven’t over the past several years.  Can I participate in a clinical trial?

A.  You can only be part of a clinical trial for a condition you currently have and require treatment for.  We do periodically conduct studies which require healthy volunteers.  Feel free to give us a call anytime to inquire.  We will gladly speak with you.

Q.  Are you a medical doctor?

A.  The investigators at MedVadis who see our volunteers and work with our coordinators to conduct the trials are all licensed physicians.

Q.  Can I get treatment for my headaches, migraine, or chronic pain at MedVadis?

A.  While MedVadis Research is a clinical trial center only, patients may elect to continue treatment at Boston PainCare or the Boston Headache Institute at Boston PainCare.

Q.  While participating in the trial, how often must I visit the MedVadis Research office?

A.  The office visits are usually monthly but range anywhere from weekly to quarterly. In addition to the office visits, there could be telephone check-ins.

Q.  What happens if I want to stop mid clinical trial?

A.  Although we’d like volunteers to complete a study once given the medication, volunteers can drop out at any time; there is no commitment or obligation.

Q.  What is the roll of the sponsors?

A.  The sponsors provide us with the protocols, medications, and financing for the studies.

Q.  I’m ready to participate, what’s the next step?

A.  Please call the office, inquire about current studies, and speak with the coordinator assigned to the study that interests you. The coordinator will do a short pre-screen to ensure you qualify and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  We are located at Boston PainCare, 85 1st Avenue, Waltham, MA 02451. We have ample free parking on the premises if you drive.

Q.  Can your office accommodate volunteers using wheelchairs?

A.  Yes, our office is wheelchair accessible.

All study related care will be provided at no cost. Health insurance is not required.  You may be compensated for your time and travel.

For more information about any of our clinical studies, reach us at:

Phone: (617) 875-0962
Email:   info@medvadis.com