Current Migraine Clinical Trials

We have several ongoing clinical trials related to migraine. Our current studies are listed below:

Headaches are a common pain experience known to almost everyone, typically brought on by stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, dehydration, hunger, or menstruation, among other factors. For most people, headaches are simply a nuisance, easily relieved by rest, relaxation, or an over-the-counter pain medication. For others, however, headaches are debilitating, devastating, and cause tremendous suffering with no easy remedy. Migraine accounts for the vast majority of these debilitating headaches.

Treating migraine headaches through medication is challenging, often because the stomach can have difficulty passing medication to the small bowel where it’s absorbed into the blood stream. If medication doesn’t make it to the small bowel, it doesn’t work.

Leaving migraine headaches untreated is bad for both physical and mental health and, according to research, can contribute to more frequent headaches over time.

MedVadis Research is at the forefront of clinical trial studies treating all types of headaches and migraine in particular. Since 2012, MedVadis Research has worked with a new class of preventive migraine medications called monoclonal antibodies. Our studies are ongoing and we encourage interested volunteers to inquire.

For more information about any of our clinical studies, reach us at: