Are you a Weekend Warrior?

There can be unexpected consequences to getting healthy.

MedVadis Research is currently conducting a study to treat chronic pain.

One bright side of COVID-19 is more people are getting out of the house exercising! Whether because of cabin-fever, boredom, or finally getting to your fitness goals more people are out walking throughout neighborhoods nationwide.  More people have taken on home projects from painting to creating vegetable and flower gardens.  It’s truly amazing all the different ways we have stayed active mentally and physically during the pandemic.

However, sometimes a new-to-you activity comes with consequences.  Unless you were maintaining a garden or playing in an adult soccer league prior to COVID-19, you might have discovered that weeding your tomatoes or biking the rail trail has aggravated an old injury.

Do you have a “trick” knee from football or soccer?  Did you zig when you should have zagged playing tennis or volleyball in your youth?  Does it ache constantly with changing weather?  The fact is, if you have pain in your knee related to arthritis you may qualify for an upcoming research study. 

MedVadis Research is currently conducting a study to treat chronic knee pain related to osteoarthritis.

To learn if you qualify, please call or text Dr. Counihan at 617-875-0962
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Energize with Sunrise!

Is your morning routine dragging you down?

Now that we are starting our phase 1 roll out from sheltering in place, you might be thinking, “I’ve done nothing for the past 2 months, how do I get back on track?” After two months of sheltering in place, some of us lack routine and the confidence to even get started.

Getting back on track and into a routine can be challenging but it can be made simple by taking it one step at a time.

Small actions make a big change.   Start with establishing a morning routine. This sounds simple but it is very difficult for most people to do on a regular basis. When you choose to create at least one thing to do on your own every day, you will start your day by making a deposit into your “confidence account”.

Good mornings breed self-confidence. You’ve heard the term “getting up on the wrong side of the bed”? When your day starts off badly, it can impact your mindset and your actions for the rest of the day. When you have a good start to your day, the rest of your day is based on a positive note! Self-confidence is very valuable. Self-confidence is part of a strong, personal foundation. Self-confidence helps you navigate all the “hiccups” in your life with a little more ease and finesse.

The best way to start your day off right, is to establish a morning routine.

Morning RoutineA morning routine isn’t just about remembering to make time for and do certain tasks every day, it’s about giving yourself the biggest possible chance to having a great day. When you start your day already having meditated, or exercised, or knowing you have everything you need for the day in your bag before you go out the door, you start your day with a clear head and less stress. A morning routine is a sure way for you to make a deposit in your “confidence account”.   And the morning is usually a great time of the day to be able to complete things important to you.

6 Steps to Building a Morning Routine 

  1. Decide on the purpose of your morning routine
    Are you getting ready for work? Do you want me time? Time to spend meditating, journaling, reading, or taking a relaxing bath? Do you have a home renovation project you’ve been putting off? Give yourself a purpose – even if you aren’t working right now. It will empower you in everything else that you do!

  2. Make a list
    Once you have decided on the purpose of your routine, make a list of everything you need to do as part of that routine.  If you want to make sure your work day starts smoothly, your list might include, picking out your work clothes, eating breakfast, showering, reading email, making a lunch, or meditation. Carving out “me time” might include, reserving the bathtub for a half hour, setting the mood with a calming Spotify playlist, and getting scented candles. Getting ready for a home renovation project might include watching a YouTube video on the repair, making a list of the tools and materials you need for the project (or the part of the project you are completing that day), making sure you have the appropriate clothing (such as work gloves, or safety glasses, or old clothes that you don’t care if you get paint on them).

  3. Design a routine around your list.
    Once you have your tasks listed before you, you can order them and group them in ways that make sense. Take your time with this step. Afterall, you are designing what would be the start to your perfect day!

    Ordered tasks may look like:
Start your dayComplete a home projectGet ready for work
✓ Make the bed✓ Watch YouTube video✓ Pick out your clothes
✓ Meditate✓ Make a list of tools and materials✓ Make lunch to bring with you
✓ Exercise✓ Buy what you need for the project✓ Shower
✓ Eat Breakfast✓ Gear up with the right protective equipment✓ Make sure all everything you need for the day is in your bag or briefcase
Your day starts the night before
  1. Set up the night before
    Did you know, having a good day starts the night or day before? Sometimes to start the day off right needs some prep work. If you want to treat yourself to a spa morning, do you have candles? Some relaxing music? The ability to take over the bathroom undisturbed in the morning? Or maybe, do you have a clean tub? Other day or night before preparation could include:
  • Pick out your work clothes and lay them out
  • Make your lunch
  • Find that exercise dvd or your 5lb weights and put them by your workout shoes
  • Watch (or rewatch) the YouTube video on your home improvement project

  1. Do the first thing for three days
    You can’t jump into a new routine overnight. You need to build up to it. Start the process of building the routine by doing the first thing on your list for three days. It doesn’t mean that you can’t complete the other things on your list. You are simply committing to yourself that you will complete that first thing. And if that first thing is something you need to do the night before, then for three nights, you pledge to complete that one thing.

  2. On day four do two things
    After three days, add the second thing on the list and commit do doing the first and second thing every day for the next 3 days. It could be the night before you picked out your clothes, now you’re going to pick out your clothes and make your lunch. You get the picture!
Building a morning routine takes time and perseverance, but it is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself!

You’ll find that you will get an immediate sense of accomplishment from completing that one then two then three things! Even better, starting the day with having completed those little items that are so important (like making sure you have your notes with you) will give you a sense of peace and calm that will carry over throughout the rest of the day.

Please take note of our upcoming clinical trials for pain and migraineOr call us at (617) 875-0962 and ask for Dr. Counihan.

Based on Morning Routine PPT 06/17/19