What are Common Triggers of Migraine? Spring Edition!

Do you look at Spring showers and May flowers with dread?

Rainy days, kids yelling, spring pollen, missed appointments for regularly scheduled migraine treatments…does the trigger matter when you are suffering with a migraine?

There is research that shows changes in barometric pressure can trigger headache or migraine. You can’t control the weather, but with the knowledge of your triggers, you can plan to avoid what you can and find treatments for the ones you cannot avoid.

You should always avoid or minimize your exposure to know migraine triggers when you can.  When bad weather is on the horizon, try the following:

  • Avoid food or drink triggers knowing the weather approaching may worsen symptoms
  • Avoid bright lights if the sun is shining prior to the spring storms
  • Keep the windows closed when the news reports high pollen counts
  • Drink more water to prevent dehydration that may trigger your headaches

Also, when the 10 day forecast is just a list of triggers for you, reduce your stress and talk to your friends and family about your symptoms associated with inevitable approaching migraine and what things help you alleviate those symptoms.   That way, when the migraine strikes, those around you are ready to help support you before and during an attack.  You can also make a list of what your triggers are and what can trigger an increase in severity (like light, sound, and smells).  These discussions combined with supplies on hand will help you navigate your next attack more smoothly.

Finally, create and keep a “Migraine Response Kit”.   That way, you will have items ready when migraine hits.  Your kit would be specific to you, but some items to include are:

  • Abortive rescue medications
    (so you won’t need to take unnecessary trips to the pharmacy while in the middle of a headache or migraine)
  • Sunglasses or sleep mask
  • Packets of your favorite tea
  • Saltines
  • Large bottle of water or refillable water bottle

Don’t suffer in silence.  The Boston Headache Institute at Boston PainCare can help you correctly diagnose and relieve your migraine. 

The Boston Headache Institute is accepting new patients — even now during the COVID 19 pandemic.  If you currently suffer from migraine, call and check availability for services during the pandemic to receive your current treatments.  If you have a headache that does not get better with over the counter medications or you are experiencing additional symptoms such as sensitivity to light or sound or smells, please call for an appointment at (781) 895-7940. 

If you are currently suffer from migraine, please take note of our upcoming clinical trials!  Or call us at (617) 875-0962 and ask for Dr. Counihan.