Are you Restricting Fluids During This Pandemic for Fear of Running Out of Toilet Paper?

Are you restricting fluids during the pandemic because you're afraid you'll run out of toilet paper?

Be careful!  Dehydration can trigger headache, including migraine.

Replacing lost fluid and electrolytes with an oral rehydration solution is the most important aspect of managing dehydration.  Unless severe, water is adequate. Under normal circumstances, a good hydration status can be adequately achieved with water and a healthy, balanced diet. However, if you are at risk of dehydration, an oral rehydration solution may have some advantages, including that rehydration is likely to be more rapid.

Even though we have been staying inside to socially isolate, avoiding dehydration may require additional effort to help keep you feeling good and headache free. Try setting a timer to remind you and anyone else “working” from your home to grab a glass of water to consume 32-64 ounces throughout the day. If dehydration has occurred, supplementing with Pedialyte or Gatorade can help replenish the necessary electrolytes. Monitor urine output and the color of that urine to determine how effective your efforts to rehydrate have been. You want to be producing urine in the same rate you consume fluids and a light yellow color is the goal.

Now, if you are having symptoms, is it a chronic migraine or dehydration headache causing your suffering? It could be both, so we encourage you to reduce any factors within your control and let the Boston Headache Institute help you manage the rest!

If you think you suffer from migraine, the Boston Headache Institute at Boston PainCare can help you correctly diagnose and relieve your migraine pain.

The Boston Headache Institute is accepting new patients — even now during the COVID 19 pandemic.  If you currently suffer from migraine, call and check availability for services during the pandemic to receive your current treatments.  If you have a headache that does not get better with over the counter medications or you are experiencing additional symptoms such as sensitivity to light or sound or smells, please call for an appointment at (781) 895-7940. 

If you are currently suffer from migraine, please take note of our upcoming clinical trials!  Or call us at (617) 875-0962 and ask for Dr. Counihan.