Is it just a headache?

When is your headache not “just” a headache but a migraine?

There are several ways to tell. First of all, most people take something when they have a headache to relieve it. Generally, this is an over-the-counter pain, headache, or migraine medication. If it does not fully relieve your headache within 1-2 hours, it’s a telltale sign that it’s not just a headache you’re trying to treat.

Secondly, if the headache is bad, it’s probably a migraine. Bad means, if it makes it difficult for you to function or if you have to lie down because of it. Also, if it makes you shy away from light or noise or causes you to feel sick to your stomach. Your ordinary headaches, whether tension, stress, or sinus, are not bad to that extent.

Thirdly, if migraine runs in your family, affecting parents, siblings, or children, your headache is probably also migraine. Migraine is a genetic condition that makes you vulnerable to bad headache as defined above, whether brought on by stress, tension, fatigue, menstruation, weather changes, allergies, etc.

The Boston Headache Institute at Boston PainCare can help you correctly diagnose and relieve your migraine.

The Boston Headache Institute is accepting new patients — even now during the COVID 19 pandemic.  If you have a headache that does not get better with over the counter medications or you are experiencing additional symptoms such as sensitivity to light or sound or smells,  please call for an appointment at (781) 895-7940. 

If you currently suffer from migraine, please take note of our upcoming clinical trials!  Or call us at (617) 875-0962 and ask for Dr. Counihan.