MedVadis Patients in the News

MedVadis Research has been working with Amgen since August 2013 on a clinical trial determining the efficacy and safety of the investigational medication, erenumab. Erenumab, also known as Aimovig®, is used for the prevention of migraine. Our site enrolled a total of 17 patients in the study and five of them are still continuing in the open-label extension. These patients come in every month to get their injection of erenumab, to get their vitals taken, and to undergo other appropriate medical procedures, such as blood draws every 6 months for safety.

We are happy to announce that on June 17th, 2018, erenumab was approved by the FDA under the brand name, Aimovig®. It is the first of four CGRP antibodies to become available, making it the first time in history that a medication specifically developed for the treatment of migraine has come to market. Aimovig® is given through an auto-injector device in a dose of either 70 mg or 140 mg, the latter consisting of two injections.

Of the five patients who continued in the open-label erenumab study, four were interviewed about the medication and said nothing but great things about their experience. Prior to being enrolled in the study, these subjects were suffering from migraine headaches on a daily basis to the point that they were unable to do their day-to-day tasks; even getting out of bed in the morning was a problem for them! Now they are doing much better and are able to live their lives with significantly fewer migraine headaches. Below please find the links to the interviews:

The New York Times, TIME Health, CBS New York, and NBC News.