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At MedVadis Research, we have conducted approximately 300 studies over 20 years. We have conducted studies in approximately 40 therapeutic areas for over 30 different sponsors.

For more detailed information as well as basic performance statistics covering the time period 1996 through 2006, please download  the following PDF document:

Information for sponsors (pdf)

MedVadis Research has had three federal inspections. In 2007 by the Drug Enforcement Agency and in 2014 and 2015 by the Food and Drug Administration, both without findings. It has also been inspected by the Department of Public Health and Human Services of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and by all the IRBs we have worked with over the years.

Our facility at MedVadis Research is equipped with the following:

•Venapuncture laboratory

•Incubator (37 degrees Celsius)
•Centrifuge (refrigerated)
•12-lead ECG
•Freezer (-20 degrees Celsius)
•Freezer (-40 degrees Celsius)

•Freezer (-70 degrees Celsius)

•Double-locked drug storage with 7x24 temperature and video monitoring
•Long-term record storage (MedVadis Realty LLC, Brockton, MA)
•Monitor workroom with internet access
•High-speed internet connection (wired and wireless)
•Electronic database for subject recruitment

For medical emergencies, we are located less than 3 miles from Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA.

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